Englisch - Global English | GY/BGY | 11-13




In this module you will find out where in the world English is used, spoken, learned and taught around the world, as well as how English unites people as a lingua franca and why English language skills are closely linked to success. You will watch and listen to speakers from different parts of the world with different accents, think about and discuss possible consequences (chances and challenges) of English as a global language and speculate about the future of English.

Hanna Usbeck-Frei - Autorin des Moduls im Interview

Urheber: Digitale Lernwelten GmbH


What you will find in this module

1. English around the world
Get to know five different non-native speakers around the world, explore a world map to find out how many people in different countries speak English and understand a famous linguistic model.

2. English ... to unite
Understand why English unites Nigerians and find out why many people in Nigeria speak three variations of the English language. Learn some Nigerian Pidgin English phrases with Emmanuel and discuss the relationship that the former coloniser Great Britain has with this uniquely Nigerian English language.

3. English ... to succeed
Find out how English language skills are linked to success today, and discuss possible consequences. Reflect on your own motivation for learning English. Finally, get an expert's opinion on whether English will always be the global language.